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Three Reasons Property Owners Give That Are Not Excuses for Negligent Security

You were mugged in the parking lot of your apartment building in Highland Park, the staircase of your office building in Gurnee, or in a store in another part of Illinois. You were stunned, scared, and injured in the attack and you expected that the property owner would be sympathetic and helpful in your recovery.

Instead, the Property Owner Is Full of Excuses

The property owner does not seem interested in providing you with a fair recovery for the injuries that you suffered when you were attacked on his property. Instead, the property owner may say things like:

  • I didn’t have enough money to hire security guards or install surveillance cameras.
  • I had no idea that the locks didn’t work or that the window had been broken for months.
  • You can’t hold me accountable because someone else committed a criminal act.

None of these things excuse the property owner from liability for an attack if the property owner failed to provide you with adequate security while you were on the property.

Know Your Rights

You shouldn’t have to pay for your own expenses if you were hurt in an attack on someone else’s property that may have been prevented had adequate security been in place. Instead, you may be able to bring a negligent security claim against the property owner.

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Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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