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This Week Is National Stop on Red Week

Since 2001, the first full week of August has been National Stop on Red Week. This year National Stop on Red Week is August 4-10. The purpose is to promote safe driving practices such as always stopping at a red light.

How big of a problem is red light running? You might be surprised to learn that red light running is the leading cause of urban car accidents. One out of every three people knows someone who was killed in a red light crash. Red light crashes are responsible for 900 deaths and 165,000 injuries each year.

Last year, 23 fatal Wisconsin car accidents involved red light running. All of these deaths could have been prevented if the driver stopped.

Two out of every three Americans will see a driver run a red light today. More than one-third of drivers surveyed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) admitted to running a red light in the month before they were surveyed. The leading reason for running a red light was “I was in a hurry.”

Running a red light may save you two minutes. Stopping at a red light can save your life. Please join our Madison accident injury lawyers and do your part to stop Wisconsin red light crashes:

  • Always stop when the light is red.
  • If you plan to turn right in an area where right turns are permitted at red lights, stop and check for cars and pedestrians before making the turn.
  • If the light turns yellow while you are approaching an intersection, slow down and stop. Do not try to beat the light by speeding through the intersection.

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Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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