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If you are a motorcyclist and want to keep yourself  safe in a Wisconsin motorcycle accident always choose a DOT-approved helmet.Why Wisconsin motorcyclists should only buy DOT-approved helmets

Whether you ride your motorcycle a lot or only occasionally, you should wear a helmet at all times to protect your head in case of a devastating bike crash caused by other motorists.

In a previous article, we described what you should do to buy the right helmet, one that fits you, protects your head and face, and has all the desired features.

One important step should not be overlooked while you make up your mind: your helmet should be approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).

What is a DOT-approved helmet?

All DOT-approved helmets are certified to meet rigorous safety standards established by the DOT. Serious helmet manufacturers and importers will make sure that their products get the DOT certification because only DOT-approved helmets qualify in states with mandatory helmet laws and for many motorcycle insurers.

In order to meet the safety standards, each model undergoes stringent testing, including impact tests, drop tests and tests to verify if the helmet remains securely on the rider's head during travel and in a crash. All DOT-certified helmets should have at least a 210-degree field of vision.

How can you find out if a motorcycle helmet is DOT-certified?

Usually, at the back of the helmet you will find the DOT sticker applied towards the bottom. A DOT label is also normally sewn inside the lining.

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