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The Illinois motorcycle accident attorneys give you what to look for when purchasing a motorcycle jacket.

Imagine your skin scraping across asphalt at 60 miles per hour. Ouch! If you are ever thrown from your bike in a Gurnee motorcycle crash, that’s exactly what could happen. Road rash injuries from Illinois bike wrecks are serious injuries. Your motorcycle jacket’s job is to help protect your skin from abrasion, friction burns, and road rash if you should ever crash.

Here are seven things to look for in motorcycle jacket:

1. You want a motorcycle jacket that fits well. It should be loose enough that you can fit a sweater under it, but tight enough that it doesn’t ride up. Leather jackets are usually worn tighter than synthetic jackets.

2. If you choose a jacket with armored patches, make sure the armor is properly placed. You want the patches to be over the shoulders and elbows, not your biceps.

3. Look for a jacket with good construction. Seams should be fully sewn with even stitching. There should be no loose threads or unraveling, especially near impact points. Leather jackets should be double stitched. Zippers should zip and unzip easily.

4. Choose a jacket with reflective strips. These strips will reflect headlights and improve your visibility, reducing the chances of a Gurnee motorcycle crash.

5. Choose a bright color. Black may be cool, but yellow may save your life. The leading cause of Illinois motorcycle accidents is poor visibility. The greater your visibility, the lower your chance of injury. If you must go with black, make sure your jacket has reflective strips and wear a bright-colored helmet.

6. If you choose a leather jacket, the leather should be at least 1.2 mm thick. Thicker leather usually offers better protection.

7. Your jacket should have cooling vents. Right now, you want a jacket that is warm. In July, you’ll want to unzip the cooling vents and let the airflow cool you down.

The Illinois motorcycle accident attorneys at Hupy and Abraham help victims of motorcycle accidents in Gurnee and throughout the state. To schedule a free consultation, contact our office at 866-625-2299.

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