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A refresher course sharpens your motorcycle driving skills and helps to prevent Wisconsin motorcycle accidents and injuries.We all know that the majority of motorcycle crashes in Wisconsin and throughout this nation occur from the negligence of other drivers, such as the case when ten Muskegon motorcyclists were recently hit by a car in a deadly Taycheedah motorcycle accident. When this type of motorcycle wreck happens, there isn’t too much a motorcyclist can do to prevent the crash from occurring.

However, there are some motorcycle accidents that could have been avoided if the motorcyclist was properly trained or went through retraining to sharpen their skills.

The Proof is in the Numbers

The majority of motorcycle riders on the roads are self-taught or taught by family or friends. Essentially, 92 percent of riders involved in motorcycle crashes have not been trained properly. In about half of all fatal motorcycle crashes in 2010, riders had less than five months of experience. Although new riders in Wisconsin have to pass a basic course to receive their motorcycle license, proper training is still needed to reduce preventable injuries and fatalities.

If there is a motorcyclist in your life, encourage him to get retrained so his skills will get sharpened and he won’t suffer injuries in an avoidable motorcycle crash. The same could be said for drivers of passenger vehicles. Most drivers have forgotten road rules such as how to merge and when to yield, and could benefit from a refresher course.

How a Wisconsin Accident Attorney Can Help

If negligent driver injured you in a Milwaukee motorcycle accident, call a  Milwaukee motorcycle accident attorney at Hupy & Abraham for a free consultation to find out about your rights to recovery. Simply call us today toll-free at 800-800-5678, and also request a complimentary guide, The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims.

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