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To avoid a Wisconsin wrongful death case always swim in a lifeguarded pool.As we look for ways to beat the summer heat, it’s important that you and your family be aware of these life-saving pool safety tips to avoid a Wisconsin wrongful death case:

Insist on proper fencing. Experienced Green Bay wrongful death lawyers believe that many drowning cases could have been prevented with better fencing around the pool. When it comes to your child’s life, it’s okay to be the stickler who insists on being overly cautious.

Teach—and practice—pool safety. Children learn from their parents, so the more careful you are around the pool, the better off your child will be. Teach pool safety rules such as:

  • Stay away from an unguarded pool.
  • Don’t run in the pool.
  • Don’t go over your head unless you are a good swimmer.
  • Don’t use floating toys as life jackets.

Start swimming lessons early. Despite the best fence, children are resourceful and can quickly find their way into a bad situation. Teach your child how to swim at an early age.

Don’t leave the poolside. Drowning can occur in seconds, so don’t leave your little ones unattended for any amount of time. If your child is swimming with another adult, make sure that the adult is diligent about watching the kids and is not easily distracted.

If you have already lost a family member to a Wisconsin drowning, you don’t have to go through this heartache on your own. A skilled Green Bay wrongful death lawyer can help you recoup damages for your loved one’s death.

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Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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