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Online Accident Reporting in Milwaukee

Wisconsin Winter Car AccidentIf you have been involved in an accident in Milwaukee, and the accident occurred during inclement weather, you do not have to summon the police.  A new feature on the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department website allows those involved in a car crash during a weather emergency to report the accident online. 

You must file the online report within 24 hours of the accident.  Once submitted, a police officer will contact you within two business days to begin the accident investigation.  Filing a complete, accurate police report is often the key to a successful insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.  Do not let bad weather and slower than normal police response affect your claim, go online and file a report as soon as possible. 

While online accident reporting is an excellent tool for all accident victims, be sure that you protect yourself at the scene of the accident.  This includes getting the insurance information of the other driver, getting contact information from any witnesses and documenting the scene if possible. 

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