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A motorcycle in Wisconsin can be used for more than just a weekend getaway. After careful thought and some changes it can also be used for every day commuting.Taking your motorcycle in Wisconsin to ride back and forth to your work could make sense, and the answer really depends on each individual situation.

Are you comfortable riding your bike? Do you hate driving a "cage?" Are you angered about the present gas prices? Can you take nice (even if longer) back roads to avoid the traffic?

Talk to someone who does it and go over the various points:

Can you save time? Not necessarily, because overtaking cars in slow moving traffic is either dangerous or illegal. If you take more pleasant and probably longer rural roads you may be riding faster and the time would be about the same. The difference is, you are not stressed by jams or stop-and-go movements.

Carrying stuff: If you are well organized you can reduce the amount you carry with you, but will still need room for extra clothing, rain gear, your laptop, food, etc. Most of that goes into the wide range of available courier bags, saddlebags, tank bags, bungees and racks that can be fitted on your bike.

Formal clothes: Most people should be able to keep a suit, shirt, tie and shoes at the office for the occasional client meeting. Buy protective gear that covers your working or casual clothes, and keep a toilet kit at work should you need to clean and refresh.

Cell phones and GPS: Helmets can now be outfitted with speakers and microphones connected to a navigation system and / or cell phone. You won't be able to read your e-mails and send text messages, but you shouldn't do that in a car either.

A daily car commute can be stressful and costly. If you are an experienced motorcycle rider, you have an alternative, but it needs to be thought over carefully.

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