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From the moment that you knew that you were pregnant, you did everything that you could to protect your child. You ate right during pregnancy, you attended all of your child’s wellness visits, and you protected your child from injury. Your pediatrician was (and is) an integral part of the team you’ve assembled to protect your child. You trusted your pediatrician to prescribe the medications that your child needed. However, what happens when one of those drugs that is meant to help your child is the very thing that causes his injury?

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It May Not Be the Doctor’s Fault

You and your pediatrician are dependent on the information provided by the pharmaceutical company and the FDA about the medication that you give your child. If the pharmaceutical company knew, or should have known, about a specific danger or side effect and failed to disclose that danger or side effect, then the pharmaceutical company may be responsible for the injuries suffered by your child. The drug manufacturer may also be responsible if it failed to adequately test the medication for side effects.

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Your family may not be alone in your suffering. Other children may have been similarly injured by the same drug. Together, you may be able to file a class action lawsuit and recover damages for your children. For more information about holding drug makers liable for the harm they cause and helping your child and similarly affected children, please call an experienced Wisconsin class action attorney today at 800-800-5678 to schedule an initial consultation.

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