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"Man Up Now" is being marketed as a safer, more natural alternative to Viagra.  However, the FDA has found that the over the counter drug, available in Wisconsin and across the nation, contains sulfoaildenafil, which is a chemical cousin to a component of Viagra. 

The FDA is concerned that though the drug has been marketed as an herb based nutritional supplement that boosts male performance it may actually be dangerous.  The chemical similarities to Viagra could lead to a sudden drop in blood pressure in men also taking nitrates for heart conditions. 

As with other herbal or natural supplements the FDA warns that even a product labeled natural can carry its own risks.  It has been found that many supplements that claim to enhance sexual desire and performance contain undeclared prescription drug ingredients.

We have also warned you about the FDA's concerns over the use of chelation drugs in the treatment of autism.  With so many natural cure-alls on the market there is a concern that many are being produced not to help the consumer, but to make money for the drug company. 

The class action attorneys at Hupy & Abraham urge you to use caution and to discuss any drug use, prescription or over the counter, with your physician.    

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