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The metal on metal hip implants may cause cobaltisim. If you have been negatively affected by a defective replacement call your Milwaukee class action lawsuit attorney.Defective hip replacements have been making news across the globe.  Too many in Wisconsin have been affected by the recalls and now face, or have already undergone, re-replacement surgery to remove the defective joint.  Now, according to the U.S. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, there is an additional reason to be concerned about the safety of your artificial hip.

Metal on metal hip implants may be causing patients to suffer from cobaltisim, a serious condition caused by metal entering the bloodstream and tissue.  The metal is released when the joint rubs on itself, allowing the metal to enter the body.  Cobaltisim can cause numerous neurological symptoms, the most common of which is forgetfulness.

If you have been given a defective, recalled hip joint there is something you can do.  Hold the manufacturing company responsible: Contact your Milwaukee, Wisconsin class action lawsuit attorney at Hupy & Abraham for your free consultation.  Together we will be heard.

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