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Each year, dogs bite 4.7 million people a year in the United States. What do we know about these types of accidents that could help us avoid future dog bite injuries?

Dog Bite Statistics

The third week of May 2013 is National Dog Bite Prevention Week. During that week and the other 51 weeks of the year, it is important to know the statistics about dog bites.

Approximately 4.7 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs every year. Of these 4.7 million people:

  • 800,000 people seek medical treatment.
  • Approximately 400,000—just about half—of the people seeking medical treatment are children. Injuries are most common in 5-9 year olds.
  • About 386,000 of the people who seek medical treatment go to emergency rooms.
  • About 16 of the 800,000 people who seek medical treatment die.

Statistics are important because they tell us how widespread dog bite injuries are and how likely we may be to suffer from such an injury. However, if you have been hurt by a dog bite injury then the overall statistics don’t matter. Instead, what matters most is your recovery.

Call a Cedar Rapids Dog Bite Attorney Today If a Dog Has Bitten You or Your Child

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