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To help avoid a Green Bay motorcycle crash be visible, aware, and experienced.It’s a beautiful summer morning and you decide to go for a motorcycle ride in Green Bay. The fresh air blows against your face as you hit the open road and leave all worries and cares behind. The enjoyment comes to a quick end as you find yourself lying on your back staring at the blue sky. As you lay there you realize that you have been involved in a wreck.

This is an all-too-familiar story for many riders. Often times the crash is not due to any fault of the motorcyclist. Even if you are not at fault there are ways to lower your odds of being involved. A few things you can do to avoid a Wisconsin motorcycle accident are:

  • Be visible. There are many types of riding gear available that are made in colors that make the rider more visible. Wearing such gear will allow you to be more visible to other drivers. Another way to be more visible is to use your headlight at all times.
  • Be aware. Many motorcycle accidents are caused because the other driver did not see the motorcyclist. Because of this, as a motorcycle rider, it is important to always be aware of other vehicles and the moves they are making.
  • Be experienced. An experienced cyclist will be able to maneuver out of situations much better then inexperienced riders. Take your bike to an empty parking lot and practice your riding skills. Even better, take a class that teaches excellent riding techniques.

Taking just these few tips can greatly reduce your risk of a motorcycle accident.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a Wisconsin motorcycling accident you may be entitled to compensation. A Green Bay motorcycle crash attorney at Hupy and Abraham can help. To schedule a free consultation, call 800-800-5678 today. Just for calling, we will send you a FREE copy of our book, The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims, as our way of introducing our Green Bay personal injury law firm.

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