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As a rider, you assume a great deal of risk each time you get on the road.  The following tips will help you avoid some of the most commonly encountered motorcycle crash causes:
  • When driving on curvy roads, reduce your speed and pay attention.  Following the tree line and anticipating turns will significantly reduce your risk of losing control or taking a turn too sharply.  If you are riding with others, make sure everyone leaves enough space to take the turns.
  • When in doubt at an intersection, concede the right of way to a car driver.  If you must pass a car, be sure to communicate your attentions to the driver.  As many motorists find it difficult to spot motorcycles in their rearview mirrors, you should try to make some sort of eye contact before attempting to pass.
  • Wear bright, reflective colors when driving at nighttime.  Many accidents occur because riders simply weren’t noticed; using light signals and avoiding dark clothing will help with other drivers’ awareness.
  • Respect road conditions.  Be aware of the weather before heading out, and make sure that your bike is mechanically equipped to handle the elements.  Important things to double check include tire tread and brakes.  While riding in dangerous road conditions, allow extra space to stop and maneuver.

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