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If you’ve experienced a Wisconsin motorcycle accident, the aftermath can be daunting. Whether you are dealing with financial strain or coping with emotional stress, physical injury can make any situation more stressful. The following are important things to know about the role that injury plays in your motorcycle insurance claim:

  • Compensation for medical procedures. You do not necessarily have to have an operation to be compensated for its cost. For example, if your doctor thinks that surgery will be necessary down the road, it is possible to receive compensation from the insurance company before the procedure is carried out.
  • Medical attention timetable. How quickly did you seek medical attention? It is always best to go directly to the hospital after an injury, and report every small detail of your physical discomfort following a crash. Though it is possible for certain injuries to manifest themselves in a delayed manner, it reflects well on your injury claim case if a victim goes immediately to a doctor.
  • Police report. Insurance companies will often contact the police department to obtain a more in-depth description of the injuries of all parties involved in a crash.
  • Pain and suffering. Pain and suffering applies to anything from trauma following an operation, to depression brought on through prolonged absence from work, or inability to lead an active lifestyle.

Due to the severity and frequency of injuries associated with a Wisconsin motorcycle wreck, it is important to be educated and prepared before heading out on the road.

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