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You’ve been injured by a prescription medication. You are interested in participating in a class action lawsuit against the drug company, but you have questions:

  • How does it work?
  • What is your role?
  • What happens after you join?
  • How does the lawsuit affect your rights?

Your first step will be to schedule a free consultation with a Cedar Rapids personal injury attorney who handles Iowa pharmaceutical injury claims. The attorney will ask you about your injury. He may want to look over your medical records and other information. He will then determine if you are eligible to join an existing class action lawsuit or if you can join a group that is initiating a claim.

If you are eligible, your attorney will explain how the lawsuit affects your rights. When you join a class action lawsuit, you give up the right to file an individual claim against the drug company. If your injuries are very serious, it might be to your advantage to file an individual product liability claim. Your attorney will advise you on the best choice for you.

If it is a new class action lawsuit, it will need to be certified by the court. The court will require that all members of the class be notified of the lawsuit. That means that anyone injured by the drug that caused your injury needs to be told about the class action.

Notifications are usually made by mail, but they may also be made through newspaper announcements, radio ads, and television commercials. The ads list the attorneys working on the lawsuits, so anyone who wants to join can get more information.

Sometimes, the drug company will want to settle the class action lawsuit without going to trial. A settlement can only be made if all parties can agree on an outcome and the settlement is approved by the court. Everyone involved in the lawsuit will receive a Notice of Settlement in the mail. The notice will contain instructions that will allow you to claim your portion of the settlement.

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