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With all of the news about dangerous prescription drugs- recalls, safety warnings and class action law suits- how can you be sure that you are taking a drug that will not harm you?

At Hupy & Abraham we strive to inform you of dangerous drug news as it breaks.  Aside from recent headlines and studies, we are always adding to our library of drug information, warnings and resources.  Examples of information available in our library include warnings about the diet drug Alli, an overview of the FDA and the dangers of zinc poisoning.  Zinc poisoning is suspected in many users of popular denture creams.

Our pharmaceutical class action blog is updated often.  Current tips here include what to do if you are harmed by a drug, the dangers of Trasylol and reports of illness caused by denture cream.  

We hope that this information helps you not only learn more after being injured, but, more importantly, assists you in becoming a more informed patient.

If you believe that you have been injured by a dangerous drug, there is strength in numbers.  An experienced pharmaceutical class action attorney can help you recover from your loss or injures and hold the drug companies responsible for their actions.  Please contact your Wisconsin dangerous drug attorneys at Hupy & Abraham today for your free consultation.  Call today.  Your life is waiting. 1.800.800.5678

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