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Though we don't want to overload you with stories about distracted drivers and the negative impact they have on riders and motorists from across Wisconsin and the nation, this is an issue that is near and dear to our hearts.  As a motorcyclist you know all too well that it is your job to drive defensively when you ride. 

You can never assume that a driver sees you and you operate your bike under this assumption.  Now, with the use of cell phones, navigation systems and other electronic devises the odds that a driver sees you in traffic are stacked against you.  There is every chance that the driver of the car about to merge into traffic is so engaged with their conversation or text message that they have not even given a thought to watching for motorcycles.

But what can we do?  Give up?  Decide not to ride?  Shoulder the burden a heightened level of defensive driving?  We don't think that we should have to give up our way of life just because more and more drivers are making dangerous choices. 

The attorneys at Hupy & Abraham have long fought for motorcycle awareness.  Now it is time to step up our efforts.  Not only can we all spread the message, Watch For Motorcycles, through bumper stickers on our personal vehicles, we can also talk to others about the dangers of distracted driving.  This kind of grassroots, common sense work is something we can all do to keep riders in Milwaukee and across our great state safe.  Together we can help fight distracted driving.      
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