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Iowa Women: Make Sure You’re Treated Fairly After a Motorcycle Crash

You’ve been hurt in an Iowa motorcycle crash. The accident was not your fault, but as a woman and as a rider you are concerned. Will the insurance companies take one look at the accident report and make an assumption that the female rider must be at fault for the accident?

Not If You Stand Up for Your Rights

Being a female is irrelevant to fault—and so too is being a rider. Instead of focusing on your gender and the type of vehicle that you were driving, it is important for you to focus the conversation about liability on what really matters.

It is important that:

  • The accident is investigated as any other accident would be investigated, and that no assumptions are made by those conducting the investigation.
  • You understand your rights so that you can protect them.
  • The insurance company takes you seriously and doesn’t try to confuse the issue of liability with things that don’t matter—such as your gender and method of transportation.
  • You protect all evidence related to the accident and your damages.
  • You hire a lawyer who believes that riders and women should be treated fairly.

Any potential prejudices may be overcome with evidence about what really happened.

Help Other Women Riders Protect Themselves

July is Women’s Motorcycle Month. This month, let other women know that prejudice has no place in biking and that they have equal rights right to a fair recovery if a motorcycle accident is caused by another driver. Please share this post on Facebook or with any of your rider friends today to help spread the word, and please enjoy a safe summer of riding.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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