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What to Do If You’re Hurt by a da Vinci Surgical Robot

You were told that you needed surgery. You were told that the da Vinci surgical system would minimize the incision, your pain and the recuperation time. But, instead of getting back to work and your daily activities quickly, you are struggling with the pain and limitations caused by the da Vinci robot during your surgery.

What Are You Going to Do Now?

As with any medical problem, your first priority has to be your physical recovery. You need to talk to your doctor or to a doctor who can help you recover from the specific injuries that you suffered. Depending on your specific injury, you should expect that you may need:

  • Further surgery.
  • Medication to control the pain.
  • Time off from work or your normal daily activities to recover.

You may also need to speak with an attorney. In order to recover legal damages from the maker of the da Vinci surgical system you are going to have to prove that you were hurt by the da Vinci robot and not by the surgeon’s error.

You May Not Be the Only One Who Is Suffering These Injuries

A class action lawyer can help you not only analyze the evidence, but may also be able to connect you with other people who were similarly hurt by the da Vinci surgical robot so that together you can file a class action lawsuit to recover the damages to which you are each individually entitled.

You deserve accurate and complete information about your legal rights and possible recovery. Please start a live chat with us today to learn more.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham
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