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Slip and falls are a common injury at the gym. Call a Milwaukee slip and fall injury attorney if you were involved in this type of accident.Slip and fall accidents are considered one of the leading causes of gym injuries. Fortunately, most slip and fall accidents are preventable. Here are four ways that gyms can prevent Wisconsin slip and fall accidents.

  • Keep the area clean and neat. Trips are more likely when equipment and personal possessions are left lying around. Gyms should provide a space for patrons to store personal possessions and make it easy for patrons to put away equipment that is not being used.
  • Practice proper maintenance. Many slip and falls can be prevented with timely housekeeping. Gym floors should be dust mopped or vacuumed and wet-mopped several times a day using clean water. If mop water is reused, dirt and oil can build up, causing a slip hazard.
  • Pay attention to the weather. Puddles, snow and ice can cause Wisconsin slip and fall accidents. Snow and ice should be cleared from entrances. Warnings should be posted to let visitors know to expect wet floors. Puddles on floors should be mopped frequently and non-slip mats should be put down so clients can wipe wet shoes before heading to the workout area.
  • Use safety cones to warn of hazards. This seems obvious, but this step is often overlooked. If an employee notices a wet floor, he should put down safety cones to warn of potential injury before he goes to get the mop.

If you or a loved one was injured in a Wisconsin gym accident, contact our Milwaukee slip and fall injury attorneys at 800-800-5678. The initial consultation is always free, so make an appointment today and learn if you qualify to file a Wisconsin gym injury lawsuit.

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