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Defibrillators: Life saving device or not worth the risk?  It would be easy to say, "Life-saving device."  However, the truth is that since 2005 defibrillators have been recalled 68 times and have lead to both patient injury and death in Wisconsin and nationwide.  In response to the seeming failure of so many devices, the FDA has decided to help the industry responsible for the manufacture of not just defibrillators but IVF filters and infusion pumps, identify and correct their mistakes.

While we see these devices as often crucially important to the lives of patients, as pharmaceutical class action attorneys we have to wonder when enough is enough.  Suffering from a heart event is frightening, but now, must we be concerned that the device intended to save us might actually do harm?  At what point does concern turn to anger?  How can the makers of these devices get away with producing substandard, even dangerous products?

Big pharma and the medical device industry have to stop taking chances with our lives.  A recall, even a massive one, is not a solution; it's a band aid.  If you have been harmed or a loved one has died and a medication or medical device is to blame you have every right to be angry.  But anger doesn't prevent further injury and death.  Please join our team of Milwaukee class action lawyers in standing up to big pharma.  One voice may not make an impact but together we will be heard.  Call today.  1.800.800.5678

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