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Wondering if any of your medications have been recalled?  Concerned that you may have a medical device that has failed or are giving your child medicine that has been deemed unsafe?

With automatic recall alerts you can take the guessing game out of product recalls.  The website,, is an easy to use site that gives you lists of recalled products and allows you to sign up for recall alerts.  These alerts can be sent to your phone or e-mail and will give you the most current recall information.

We all want to be safe, to ensure that the medication we are taking is not dangerous and that it will not do more harm than good.  In an ideal world IVF filters, IV pumps and prescription drugs would be made to last and would make us feel better, not worse.  However, the truth is that drug companies and device manufactures are too often concerned about their bottom line; not your well being.

So how can we make things change for the better?  As Wisconsin pharmaceutical class action attorneys we believe that your most powerful tool is joining a successful class action lawsuit.  While one complaint, written to a large company, may be ignored, big pharma cannot ignore us when we stand together to let them know that they have harmed us and that they will pay for their mistakes.

If you would like to learn more about how you can join a current class action law suit please contact an attorney at Hupy & Abraham today.  As always the initial consultation is free and the legal advice second to none.

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