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A Gurnee Auto Accident Attorney Tells How to Avoid Rear-End Collisions

Have you recently been involved in a rear-end collision in eastern Illinois? Or perhaps Using your turning signals and mirrors can help keep you out of a Rockford or Gurnee rear-end know a friend or family member who has experienced such an accident. With so many rear-end accidents happening each year—on average 2.5 million—the odds are high that you will eventually be involved in one. 

No doubt you have wondered how you can lower your risk being involved in a Gurnee rear-end collision. The Illinois auto accident attorneys of Hupy and Abraham have compiled a list of how you can stay safe and avoid being hit from behind while driving. We want you to know these tips that can help you stay safe from an Illinois auto wreck:

  • Use your mirrors. Your mirrors will give you a view of your surroundings that you would not otherwise have. Adjust your driver, passenger-side, and rear-view mirrors so that your blind spots are minimized.
  • Be alert to your surroundings. Don’t get distracted when you’re behind the wheel. Use your properly adjusted mirrors and maintain awareness of what is going on around your vehicle. If you notice someone following too closely, try to switch lanes or allow them to pass.
  • Use your signals. If you are going to be making a left or right turn, use your turn signals. Turn your signals on far enough in advance to give adequate warning to the vehicles around you.
  • Keep a steady speed. Braking and slowing are of course required. However, while you are on the open road, try to stay at a steady pace. If you need to stop or make a turn, give yourself plenty of time to signal and begin to brake gradually.

We understand that even taking these steps, accidents do happen. If you or someone you love has been hurt in an Illinois auto wreck or motorcycle accident, contact Hupy and Abraham today at our toll-free number, 800-800-5678. Hupy and Abraham, has offices in Rockford, Gurnee and Bloomington in Illinois. Our Illinois auto accident attorneys can meet with you in a free and confidential consultation about what compensation you could get for your case.

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