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Could a Wisconsin Landlord Be Responsible for Your Milwaukee Dog Bite Injuries?

Whether you came home to your apartment building or you were visiting a friend or relative in a Milwaukee apartment building, you never expected what would happen next. You didn’t anticipate meeting a dog in the parking lot, common area, or hallway. You couldn’t have anticipated that the dog would hurt you. However, it did. Now, to make matters even worse, the dog owner is trying to avoid responsibility by telling you that it is the landlord’s responsibility to prevent dog bites. Could the tenant dog owner be right?

Wisconsin Landlords Are Only Responsible for Dog Bite Injuries in Very Limited Cases

Specifically, a Wisconsin landlord may be responsible for a dog bite accident injury only if the landlord is also the owner, or keeper, of the dog. In other words, the dog must belong to the landlord or the landlord must be keeping the dog, watching the dog, or “dogsitting” on someone else’s behalf for the landlord to have legal responsibility for the dog bite injury.

That does not leave you without recourse, however. If the tenant was the dog owner or had possession of the dog at the time of your attack or bite injury, then the tenant may be responsible for your damages—just as a homeowner would be responsible for your accident damages in his house—and you may be able to recover damages for the injuries caused by the dog bite.

Find Out Who May Be Liable for Your Dog Bite Injury by Calling a Milwaukee Dog Bite Lawyer

It is important to identify the proper defendant(s) for your dog bite injury case so that you can begin the process of recovering the damages that you deserve. For more information about your specific case, we invite you to contact an experienced Wisconsin dog bite lawyer today at 800-800-5678 and to read our FREE Dog Bites Brochure which is available on our website.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham