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Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety (

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety is a non-profit group that strives to make America's roads safer. To do this, the highway safety advocacy group monitors current, proposed and suggested laws for each state. They have also worked to build coalitions in an attempt to advance highway and auto safety.

Below, the Milwaukee auto accident attorneys at Hupy and Abraham list resources and information provided by Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety.

    1. Safety belts
    2. Child passenger safety
    3. Teen drivers
    4. Impaired driving
    5. Motorcycle helmets
    6. Red light cameras
    7. Rollovers
    8. Speeding
    9. Truck safety
  • State legislative programs - There are a few categories of traffic safety laws that the Advocates use as a guide for suggesting and advocating for changes in state laws. The categories listed are:
    • Adult occupant protection
    • Child passenger safety
    • Teen driving
    • Impaired driving

Current laws and suggested laws for Wisconsin can be found here. Current laws and suggested laws for Illinois can be found here.

  • Helpful links - Useful links to be found on this page include the National Safety Council, the Truck Safety Council, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Brain Injury Association.

The Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety are known for their dedication to traffic safety and traffic laws that they see as important in increasing the safety of the nation's highways, byways and city streets.

Though the experienced personal injury lawyers at Hupy and Abraham believe in reducing the number of fatalities and injuries on the roads of Milwaukee and across Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois, we also believe that riders and drivers have the right to maintain their personal freedoms.  Hopefully a balance between the two will allow for both the freedom and safety of all drivers and riders.