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Recovering from a Milwaukee Dog Bite Scar

The dog that bit you left a lasting reminder of your Milwaukee dog bite injury. Your skin is now scarred and it is affecting you in ways that you couldn’t have imagined were possible prior to your dog bite injury. You may be disfigured, you may be disabled, and you may be in pain, but you are not helpless. You may be able to recover even if you have a dog bite scar.

Understanding Your Possible Recovery

The first step in your recovery involves contacting a doctor. You may be a candidate for reconstructive surgery or other medical interventions that can help lessen the effect of the scar on your body and on your future.

It is also important that you contact an experienced Milwaukee dog bite attorney. Your lawyer may be able to help get you the financial recovery that you deserve after a dog bite scar injury. That recovery may include the costs of past and future medical procedures and may compensate you for having to live with the scar left by the dog that bit you. Compensation for your scar is subjective and unique to your case. However, insurance companies and juries may consider things such as:

  • The location of the scar. For example, a scar on your face that is easily noticeable by others may be worth more than a scar on your leg that is hidden by your clothing, because it may have a greater impact on your life.
  • The size and appearance of the scar.
  • Your age. Children may be able to recover more than older people, for example.
  • The medical treatment you require.
  • Your physical and emotional suffering.

A dog bite injury lawyer in Milwaukee can help you understand how these factors may apply to the specific injury you have suffered.

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