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Have You Suffered a Dog Bite in Wisconsin? This Is What You Should Do

Pets are more popular than ever. This is especially true for man’s best friend, dogs. In fact, there are over 78 million pet dogs in the United States. With so many dogs, there are bound to be some that bite. Some breeds of dogs are more prone to bite than others. There are even some dogs breeds that are banned in certain areas, due to the breed’s reputation for aggression.

Dog bites can be very painful and cause serious injuries and infections. Being bitten by a dog can be very scary, leaving the victim in shock and not knowing what to do. Knowing what to do after a dog bite can minimize long-term affects and even prevent death.

If you have been a victim of a dog bite in Milwaukee you should:

  • Stay calm. Being attacked by an animal can be very scary. Many victims panic after being bitten, which only makes matters worse. It is important to stay level-headed and respond in a manner that will keep the situation under control.
  • Assess the situation. Determine the severity of the bite. If the bite is severe, call 911 and let the paramedics handle it. If it is minor, clean it and seek medical attention.
  • Gather information. Get the names and addresses of witnesses, the dog owner, and the people who had custody of the dog when it bit you. This information will be beneficial to you as you build a case. Also be sure to take pictures of the injury.
  • Report the incident. All dog bites in Milwaukee should be reported to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission. With all dog bites, there is a rabies observation period. An Animal Cervices Officer will give you forms to fill out.
  • Get representation. If a dog has bitten you, you may be entitled to compensation. Whether you settle with an insurance company or go to court, a Wisconsin dog bite lawyer at Hupy and Abraham can help. Call 800-800-5678 for a free consultation.