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Common Slip and Fall Attorneys

Though slip and fall accidents generally get a big laugh in comedies, the injuries stemming from a slip and fall are no laughing matter.  If you have been injured during or after slipping, you know how serious and life-altering the event can be.

Below you will find some of the more common injuries associated with a slip and fall or trip and fall accident.  Please click on the highlighted links to visit the Mayo Clinic to learn more about the injury.

  • Broken leg- A broken leg can lead to months of recovery. This injury occurs when a person falls and their leg strikes an object hard enough to cause a break or fracture.
  • Broken wrist or arm- When you fall your instinct is to reach out and stop yourself from falling. This can cause your arm or wrist to take the impact of the fall, causing a breaking of the arm or wrist.
  • Spinal cord injury- A spinal cord injury can end life as you know it. During a slip and fall your back may strike an object behind you, causing severe damage to the spine. This injury represents one of the more debilitating injuries caused by a slip and fall.
  • Head trauma or concussion- When a slip and fall causes a traumatic brain injury, the implications can be devastating. Though a mild concussion may not lead to permanent damage, a serious head injury caused by the head hitting the ground or an object can cause permanent disability.
  • Hip fracture- A hip fracture is an all too common injury sustained during a slip and fall. Though you can break your hip at any age, people older than 65 are at higher risk for this injury. A hip fracture is serious and complications can be life-threatening.
  • Loss of life- If a fall is serious and causes extensive injury, the results can be fatal. Head, hip and spine trauma are the more deadly injuries caused by a trip or slip and fall.

While some slip or trip and fall accidents are simply that, accidents, many are caused by the negligence of others.  If you believe that a hazardous condition such as a wet floor, item obtruding onto a walkway, improperly maintained sidewalk or icy parking lot has caused you to slip and fall, please seek medical attention.  After you have been seen by a doctor contact your attorneys at Hupy & Abraham.  During your free consultation we will be able to access your case and decide on the best course of action.

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