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Learn the Latest FDA Fosamax News from a Milwaukee based Law Firm for Drug Lawsuits

If you are suffering from osteoporosis, or if your doctor has advised you that your bones are weak, then you are likely concerned. You do not want to fall and break a hip or other bone. You want to continue to be active for as long as possible. Accordingly, you may have agreed to take the prescription drug Fosamax to strengthen your bones. If you take Fosamax then it is important that you know the latest FDA research on Fosamax.

The Latest News About Fosamax from the FDA

For years, Fosamax has been associated with potentially serious side effects, such as osteonecrosis of the jaw and atypical femur fractures. Fosamax, however, continues to be prescribed, sometimes for long periods of time.

The new FDA study published in a May 2012 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine cautioned patients and their doctors carefully to consider long-term use of bisphosphonate drugs such as Fosamax. The study found little, if any, benefit to using these types of drugs for longer than three to five years. At the same time, the study found that the risk continues for rare but serious side effects.

While the FDA stopped short of recommending that all women discontinue Fosamax drugs after a certain amount of time, the FDA is encouraging caution and individual risk assessments before continuing the drug for more than three to five years.

How a Milwaukee Law Firm for Drug Lawsuits May Help You

If Fosamax has injured you, then it is important you contact an experienced Milwaukee dangerous drug lawyer for more information about your rights and potential recovery. A Fosamax class action lawsuit may be an option for you that would help you save money and recover for your injuries.

For more information, please call our experienced class action law firm at 1-800-800-5678 or 1-414-223-4800.

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