Why shouldn't I accept the initial settlement offer for my Wisconsin car accident insurance claim?

The initial settlement you are offered in your Wisconsin car accident insurance claim will almost always be insufficient in covering your total damages. Before making a decision on accepting an initial car accident settlement, you should review it with an attorney who has handled similar claims.

The insurance companies are not in the business of paying out on a car accident settlement - they want to keep the money in their own pockets. There are many tactics that insurance adjusters use during your car accident insurance claim to reduce or even deny your case. An experienced attorney will have dealt with these tactics before and will know how to avoid them.

Your initial car accident settlement offer may only pay for your current medical bills and lost wages up to that point. It most likely will not take into account future losses and expenses related to your car accident injuries. Initial settlements also usually do not figure in damages for the pain and suffering you endure from your injuries or the loss of enjoyment of life due to permanent disabilities.

An attorney who focuses on car accident settlement claims will be able to help you review an initial settlement offer to determine if it is an adequate amount of compensation for your damages. If your attorney determines you can seek more than the insurance company is offering then the he or she can help you file a lawsuit to pursue your full settlement. Your lawyer will likely be paid on a contingency fee basis - meaning that your lawyer will be paid a percentage of what you eventually recover in a settlement or in court. Thus, you have nothing to lose and you potentially have much to gain by consulting with a lawyer to make sure that your rights and your recovery are protected.