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Who pays for plastic surgery expenses for facial scars resulting from a Cedar Rapids dog bite attack?

Any dog bite to the face as the potential to cause both disfigurement (a change in the shape of the face) and scarring (a permanent change in the skin). Dog bite scars can be particularly distressing. They are a constant reminder of the trauma of the dog attack.

But dog bite scars are more than a mark on the face. Scarring can affect the movement of the facial muscles. If there is enough scarring, it can affect how the face works. Many Iowa dog bite victims choose to have facial scars removed or minimized through reconstructive plastic surgery.

Reconstructive surgery to remove dog bite scars can be very expensive. But the high cost should not mean that you have to live with your scars.

In Iowa, a dog owner has strict liability for any injuries caused by his pet. Cedar Rapids dog bite victims may seek compensation for any medical expenses that resulted from the dog attack. These expenses may include reconstructive surgery to improve or minimize the scarring from dog bite injuries. If you have been injured in an Iowa dog attack, you are eligible to file a dog bite injury claim.

Should you wait until you know the extent of the scarring before you ask for compensation? If you wait too long, the statute of limitations may take away your right to recovery. An experienced Cedar Rapids dog bite attorney can help estimate the entire cost of your injury, including reconstructive surgery.

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Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham