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What types of compensation may be available in a Wisconsin recalled hip implant claim?

There are several types of compensation that a Milwaukee personal injury attorney may be able to help you recoup with a Wisconsin recalled hip implant claim.

Companies and manufacturers of defective hip replacement systems will fight against these claims tooth and nail, so it's highly advisable to speak with a Milwaukee personal injury attorney before pursuing your claim.

For instance, DePuy Orthopaedics has alleged that victims waited too long to file their Wisconsin recalled hip implant claim. On these grounds, DePuy has attempted to dismiss cases on these grounds and force the victim to pay DePuy's legal fees - even victims who filed their claim within days after their revision surgery to have the faulty device removed.  

However, with a seasoned Milwaukee personal injury attorney in your corner, you can avoid becoming trapped by this gross misstep of justice.

Your lawyer can assist you in fighting for several different types of compensation for your Wisconsin recalled hip implant claim including:
  • medical cost reimbursement;
  • future hip revision surgery expenses;
  • cost of monitoring for blood and tissue poisoning, and metallosis;
  • cost of home care and nursing;
  • long-term treatment and rehabilitation fees;
  • damages for pain and suffering;
  • damages for lost wages as well as loss of future earning capacity; and
  • punitive damages. 

After your initial consultation with an attorney, he or she can provide a more personalized idea of what you may be entitled to based on the details of your case.

Working with a Milwaukee Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been affected by a hip implant recall, don't hesitate to contact an attorney. Defective product claims are among the most complicated types of claims to successfully pursue. If you were injured by a replacement hip system or another defective product, you need a personal injury attorney who can stand up for your legal rights against the team of lawyers who will be defending the product manufacturer, designer, retailer, or other liable party.

A personal injury attorney can determine all of the liable parties involved in your case and help you fight to recover the compensation you need to recover.  Contact a Milwaukee personal injury attorney at Hupy and Abraham for a no-cost consultation on your case - 1-800-800-5678.

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