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I am suffering from ONJ after taking Fosamax. Should I join a Green Bay pharmaceutical class action lawsuit to seek compensation?

If you have taken the drug Fosamax you are at risk of developing what is known as osteonecrosis of the jaw, or ONJ. This condition is just as scary as the name sounds: it involves degeneration of the jaw joint and bone. Suffering from ONJ includes such severe complications as intense pain and bone exposure.

The majority of those who suffer from ONJ will eventually be required to undergo surgery. They are also at a high risk of infection. This is a life-threatening and potential disfiguring disease.

Suffering from ONJ is an unfortunate result that many will have to deal with after being prescribed the drug Fosamax. If you are suffering from ONJ that was caused by taking Fosamax, you may be entitled to compensation. The best way to seek compensation is through a Wisconsin pharmaceutical class action lawsuit.

You will benefit from a class action lawsuit by:

  • Lower litigation costs. The cost for litigation is sometimes enormously expensive, especially when fighting large companies. Through a class action, the costs will be divided among class members.
  • Settlements adjusted to your particular circumstances. Sometimes the value of your claim may not be large enough to pursue on your own. With the costs shared among the class members, even plaintiffs with modest injuries can recover fair compensation—while those with more significant injuries get the justice they deserve.
  • Efficiency. A class action takes place in one courtroom with one judge, which makes it much more efficient than single suits.
  • Information sharing. Filing as a group will allow the different members to share information and the testimony of expert witnesses to support each claim.


Don’t try to fight the large drug company alone. To join a Wisconsin pharmaceutical class action lawsuit contact Hupy and Abraham. Call 800-800-5678 to discuss your legal options in a free case evaluation with one of our Green Bay trial attorneys.

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Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham

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