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What symptoms should I report to a doctor if I am taking a prescription drug? What symptoms should I report to a Milwaukee pharmaceutical class action attorney?

While the reasons for describing your symptoms may differ—and although the help offered by a doctor and Milwaukee prescription drug injury lawyer definitely differs—the symptoms that you should describe to both your doctor and your lawyer are the same. You should describe everything that you are experiencing since you began taking the prescription medication.

Your doctor needs the information for two reasons. First, your doctor needs to know what your symptoms are so that you can be treated effectively. Second, your doctor needs to determine if the symptoms are related to the prescription drug that you are taking, or to another cause. There is no symptom that is too small or insignificant to discuss with your doctor, particularly if you feel that your health is in danger.

Your Milwaukee class action attorney also needs to understand the symptoms that you are experiencing. Patients who become plaintiffs in class action cases share common injuries from the same drug manufactured by the same pharmaceutical company. In order to determine if you are eligible to join the class of plaintiffs and to secure your potential recovery, your lawyer needs to understand what happened to you.

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