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What constitutes a pharmaceutical class action lawsuit in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin law, as it applies to class action lawsuits, is not that different from most states.  A class action lawsuit of any kind is one in which a group of people have become ill or suffered similar injuries.  This injury or illness can often be traced back to a defective product and in the case of pharmaceutical class actions, a certain drug or medical device. 

Other names for a class action lawsuit include mass tort litigation and multi-district litigation.  No matter the name, a class action lawsuit is filed by a group of people who are seeking to not only receive compensation for their injuries but hold the pharmaceutical company or device manufacturer responsible for their irresponsible behavior.

Our attorneys have found that often people join a class action lawsuit when they find that their injuries are not serious enough to file a suit on their own.  However, when a group of ill or injured patients get together and file a suit their chances of making a recovery increase significantly.

At Milwaukee's Hupy & Abraham we have seen the power of pulling together, of working as a group to fight for patient rights.  Though one voice may not be heard, together we are strong.  If you believe that a prescription drug or medical device has injured you or lead to the death of a loved one please do not hesitate to contact your experienced class action attorney at Hupy & Abraham for your free consultation.