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Can I recover for my gambling losses if my compulsive gambling was caused by my Parkinson’s medication?

If you can prove that your compulsive gambling was directly caused by Parkinson’s medication and that you were not adequately warned of the risk, then you may be able to recover for your losses. However, whether you take Mirapex, Requip, or another drug to treat your condition you can expect the drug manufacturer to fight your claim and to look into what your behavior was like before you took the medication. You can also expect that the drug maker and the drug marketer will try to argue that you were properly warned of the risk.

Are the Existing Warnings Enough?

Some Parkinson’s medications warn patients and doctors about problems with impulse control or compulsive behavior on the drug label. However, some experts believe that the existing warnings are inadequate, given the information recently published in JAMA Internal Medicine. They suggest that doctors are not aware of the severity of the problem and they recommend that the FDA issue a black-box warning, both so that the side effect gets the attention that it deserves and so that patients can make informed decisions about taking these types of medications.

What You Should Do Now

You should talk to your doctor about your compulsive behavior and about whether a medication change may be right for you. You should also speak with an experienced pharmaceutical class action lawyer about your legal rights. The effects of compulsive gambling can be devastating, and it is important that you know the truth about your potential recovery. Please contact us today via this website or by phone if you would like more information.

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