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Who is a mandatory reporter of elder abuse in Illinois?

Nursing home staff members are required to report suspected cases of neglect or abuse in IllinoisLike other states, Illinois lists certain people who, because of their professions, are mandatory reporters of abuse or neglect. These mandatory reporters are required by law to tell the state if they suspect that certain people, such as nursing home residents, are the victims of abuse or neglect. Often, these people are mandatory reporters because they are in positions where they will may see the signs of abuse or neglect early and where they can take action so that nursing home residents are protected from further harm.

The Illinois Reporters

In Illinois, a person is only a mandatory reporter if the person who is allegedly being abused is unable to make the report independently. This may be applicable to many nursing home residents. Thus, according to the Illinois Department on Aging, people delivering certain professional services to older people are mandatory reporters. This includes professionals doing the following kinds of work:

  • Social services
  • Adult care
  • Law enforcement
  • Education
  • Medicine
  • State service to seniors
  • Social workers

While these professionals have a legal obligation to make a report, anyone can make a report of suspected abuse or neglect. As long as reports are made in good faith, Illinois law provides civil and criminal immunity to the reporter.

Reports should include information about the person being abused, the person committing the alleged abuse, and the reasons why abuse is suspected.

It may be difficult to report abuse, but it may be the legal and moral thing to do so that future incidents of abuse can be prevented. Please call the Adult Protective Services hotline now at 1-866-800-1409 or 1-888-206-1327 (TTY) if you need to make a report.

Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham