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If I’ve had serious medical complications after taking a prescription drug, is it better to join a class action lawsuit or file an individual lawsuit against the drug company?

The choice to bring a private lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company or join a class action can depend very much on the specific circumstances in your case. Either route may be appropriate in your case, and it’s important to consult with a Wisconsin prescription drug attorney for solid advice before moving forward. 

In general, a private suit may be more appropriate if:

  • Your injuries are very different from the injuries sustained by others.
  • Your injuries and related medical costs are far more severe than those sustained by others.
  • The proof of your injuries from the drug is much more apparent than the injuries to a group of patients.

A class action suit may be more appropriate if:

  • You need help proving the drug in question caused your injury.
  • The amount of money involved in your claim is small or the company is very large.
  • There are many others who have suffered similar injuries from the drug.
  • You want to work toward having the drug taken off the market.

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