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What steps should I take if my wife suffers psychiatric problems after taking Levaquin?

To treat an infection, your wife took Levaquin as prescribed by her doctor. You both thought that it would cure her infection and that life would go back to how it was prior to her illness. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. Instead, your wife is suffering terribly and you want to know if Levaquin is to blame.

You Want Answers

If your wife is suffering from psychiatric problems then it is important to get her the help that she needs while you look for answers. The first thing that you want to do is to consult with her regular physician to make sure that her infection is gone or continues to be treated and to make sure that her psychiatric issues are being cared for appropriately.

Then you want to find out why it happened. Were her psychiatric issues caused by Levaquin or was there another reason? If it was Levaquin that caused her psychiatric issues did the drug manufacturer provide your wife with adequate warnings about the risks? Both her doctors and a pharmaceutical class action lawyer may be able to help you get the answers to these questions so that you can know what to do next.

Know You Aren’t the Only One Seeking Answers

CBS Chicago reports that a doctor has filed a citizen’s petition with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), seeking to have the FDA highlight the risk of potentially serious psychiatric problems that could result from Levaquin. Additionally, other patients who have suffered similar complications from Levaquin may be seeking answers.

That said, your individual questions are important and we encourage you to seek the answers that you and your wife need at this time.

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