Posted on Oct 26, 2009

Distracted driving comes in many forms.  Parents attending to their children's needs, a driver changing the radio station or talking on the phone are all examples of distracted driving.  A new and deadly distraction is text messaging. 

The Wisconsin Senate is aware of this dangerous trend and has approved a bill that would ban people from sending texts while driving.  If caught, penalties will range between $20 and $400.  Though this measure is a step in the right direction many are concerned that the fine will not deter texting and driving.

Police officers are working to prevent texting through early education, inattentive driving citations and reminders of past fatalities.  Driver's education classes at Fond du Lac High School and Reis Driving School include showing pictures from past fatal accidents involving teens.  The hope is that teens will think twice about texting while behind the wheel.

A public service announcement from Wales has had an impact across the globe.  The video, accessible through YouTube, is a graphic depiction of a teen who causes an accident while texting and driving.  The violent and traumatic video has been viewed by millions, including students in the Reis Driving School.

Sgt. Renee Schuster shows her students the video in an attempt to show them how serious distracted driving can be.


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