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Sentence Set in Motorcycle/Distracted Driver Trial


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Posted on Aug 03, 2010

riders' advocates from across Illinois and the nation have been carefully watching the trial of 49-year-old Lora Hunt.  Hunt admitted to painting her nails when she ran into rider Anita Zaffke.  Zaffke had stopped at a red light in Lake Zurich, Ill when Hunt hit her.  The driver was found to have been going 50mph when she struck the motorcycle and data retrieved from her car showed that she did not slow down before the impact.

After a two day trial Hunt was sentenced to 18 months of periodic imprisonment concurrent to 30 months of probation.  In addition, she will have to perform 240 hours of community service.  Hunt will only be in prison at night.  During the day she will be allowed to leave for work, counseling and community service.

Presiding Judge Fred Foreman believes that, "She's been remorseful.  I do believe that she would never get in a car again and perform the acts she did before."  However, riders and rider advocates do not believe that the sentence fits the crime.    

The attorneys at Hupy & Abraham will continue to work to prevent needless accidents such as this.  We continue to offer our condolences and support to the Zaffe family.           

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