Posted on Jan 07, 2015

Marquette Univeristy Law School logoTo serve Milwaukee’s growing entrepreneur community, Marquette University Law School is starting a clinic that will provide free legal services to start-ups and entrepreneurs. Marquette University law students will earn academic credits while serving their community.

This purpose of the clinic is to help up-start businesses that can’t afford professional legal advice. The students will construct organizational documents, address intellectual property concerns and other legal issues entrepreneurs face. In so doing, the students will gain valuable legal experience while bolstering their local economy.

The Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic has recently opened in a limited capacity, and will be fully operational by fall 2015.

An alumnus of Marquette University Law School, Attorney Michael Hupy donated $20,000 toward the school’s construction project. The building contains a trial courtroom that provides an authentic atmosphere for students.

Marquette University Law School students provided more than 10,000 hours of free legal services last year. They offered free clinics on civil issues in the Milwaukee area and volunteered at the Milwaukee Justice Center.

Attorney Hupy was recently named the principal benefactor of the Milwaukee Justice Center during its Grand Reopening in 2014. As one of the founding members of the MJC, Attorney Hupy pledged $100,000 to help them address unmet legal issues of the Milwaukee community. In the past two years, the MJC has served over 20,000 people, many of which live below the poverty level.

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