Posted on Sep 20, 2012

AT&T Launches Awareness Campaign with No Text On Board Pledge Day; AP IMPACT: Older Drivers Face Confusing Array of License Laws, Varies by State

AT&T, No Text On Board Campaign

AT&T’s No Text On Board Pledge Day was yesterday, September 19th, officially launching the pledge campaign that says “when it comes to texting and driving, it can wait.” The new awareness campaign comes just two days before the release of the new iPhone 5 from Apple.

At a New York conference on Wednesday, AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall L. Stephenson stated that the smartphone “is a product we sell and it’s being used inappropriately. … We have got to drive behavior.”

The New York Times notes, “AT&T is not the first or only carrier to raise awareness on this issue, but the message is starting at the top and it’s personal.

“Mr. Stephenson said in an interview that a few years ago someone close to him caused an accident while texting. As he has become more vocal about texting and driving, he said people were coming up to him and writing him with their own stories of tragedy, including admissions that they caused accidents.

“For him, … the company he runs has to get involved in a public awareness campaign.”



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