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Judge Joe Brown Says, “Tell Them You Mean Business With Hupy and Abraham”

You may know him as TV’s Judge Joe Brown, but he’s also a spokesperson for personal injury law firm Hupy and Abraham, S.C.

Known for his court television series for the past few decades, Judge Brown served as a state judge prior to his show. Now, he is appearing in Hupy and Abraham commercials and had many things to say about the firm.

“I can tell you how important your choice of an attorney can be. After an accident, your choice can be the most important decision that you’ll ever make,” he says. Judge Brown knows how crucial it is to know that the insurance companies are not your friend if you have been injured in a car accident, stating, “Now there’s a law firm right here that’s been fighting and winning cases for years.”

Attorney Jason Abraham had the opportunity to sit down with Judge Joe Brown and explain why Hupy and Abraham is the best choice. These cases are not only about standing up to the insurance companies, but they are also about getting the real value of what a case is worth, not just the opinion of these insurance companies.

Judge Brown was also sure to put an emphasis on choosing a firm with experience and a track record of results by saying, “Don’t take chances on your future, put experience on your side!” He continued, “Hupy and Abraham knows about winning; tell the insurance companies you mean business.”

The judge strongly suggests a law firm that can fight for you, an aggressive law firm that can make a difference in your cases and make sure that you get what you deserve. As a powerful law firm with a proven record of large settlements, Hupy and Abraham has collected hundreds of millions of dollars for over 60,000 satisfied clients.

Hupy and Abraham has offices located throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. Contact the firm at 800-800-5678 or at to take advantage of the firm’s unique combination of experience and resources—including a “free, confidential, no-obligation consultation.” Hupy and Abraham has been voted best and rated best, year after year.

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