A car accident alters your life in many ways.

At first, the pain and shock keep you occupied. Then, as you attempt to concentrate on healing, phone calls from the insurance agency, yours and the other drivers, begin to roll in. Some agents may appear very concerned about your well being, the state of your vehicle. However, if you refuse to accept an offer, things often change. 

What does the insurance company want?
  • To get you to accept the lowest offer possible.
  • To pressure you into signing paperwork before you are ready.
  • To get to you before you get a lawyer.
  • To maximize their profits and minimize your suffering, injuries and property damage.

As Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Illinois car accident attorneys, Hupy and Abraham have seen too many accident victims accept insurance payments that are well below acceptable. Are you prepared to pay the remainder of your medical bills? What about the money you have lost while away from work? Are you sure that you have enough to repair your vehicle or purchase a new one? 

Our Auto Accident Lawyers in Milwaukee
and across Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa will help you protect yourself

The staff and attorneys at Hupy and Abraham have literally written the book on protecting yourself from the insurance companies attempts to give you as little money as possible. Do not forget: When you speak with an insurance representative, most agents are not on your side. 

As personal injury attorneys who have seen the insurance company short accident victims, we want to ensure that your rights are protected. Before your sign ANYTHING, contact the experienced lawyers at Hupy and Abraham for your free, confidential, no-obligation consultation.