If you have been injured in an Illinois car accident, there is a good chance that an insurance company representative will call you within a few days of the crash. The adjustor’s goal is to get you to agree to a recorded statement. Anything you say during the call may be used to minimize the amount the insurance company must pay on your claim. 

You don’t have to be nervous. The Rockford car crash attorneys at Hupy and Abraham offer these tips for dealing with the insurance adjustor without damaging your Illinois injury claim.

Tips for Dealing with An Insurance Adjustor

  • Keep a written record of your conversations with the insurance adjustor.
    Whenever you get a call, write down:
    • The name and phone number of the insurance adjuster and the insurance company that he represents.
    • Any amounts that were discussed.
    • All information that the adjustor requested.
  • Never agree to have a conversation recorded.
  • If you feel uncomfortable at any time, refer the agent to your Rockford car crash attorney at Hupy and Abraham.

What You Can Say

  • Give the agent your full name, address and telephone number.
  • Share the basic facts of the accident, including:
    • The date, time and location of the accident.
    • How many cars were involved in the crash.
    • Whether there were injuries.
  • If the insurance adjustor tries to engage you in friendly conversation, stick to these facts - do not offer more details.

What NOT to Say and Do

  • Never give details about:
    • your family, job, income, or schedule.
    • your doctor’s name or any other medical information.
    • your injuries or current condition.
      • If the adjustor asks, say that you are still being evaluated and will provide more information once the doctors have finished their assessment.
  • Do not agree to anything.
  • Do not sign any papers.
  • Again, if at any time you feel uncomfortable, provide the agent contact information to your Hupy and Abraham lawyer.

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