If you are an older driver, you may have noticed that your car just doesn’t “fit” the way it used to. It might be challenging to get in and out, harder to see what you need to, or even more difficult to operate. These changes can make driving a challenge and increase your risk of injury in a Milwaukee auto accident.

What can you do to improve the fit of your car? A new car is expensive, but these gadgets are budget-friendly, readily available, and easy to use:

1.      Leg Lifter: Is it hard to get in or out of your vehicle? A leg lifter is a strap made of webbing with a loop at each end. The driver can put his or her foot through the bottom loop and then pull the strap to move the leg in and out of the car. This is helpful if stiffness or arthritis makes movement more difficult. The cost is around $15.

2.      Swivel seat cushion: A swivel seat cushion is another way to make getting in and out of the car easier. The rotating circular cushion is placed on the driver's seat making it an easy-to use-swivel seat. The $30 device will not slip and holds up to 300 pounds.

3.      Handy Bar: Need more help? The Handy Bar is a heavy plastic tool with serrated metal end. When you slide the metal tip into the car door latch, it creates a handle. This can increase safety and stability when getting in and out of the car. The $30 device is multifunctional; it can also be used as emergency windshield breaker and seat belt cutter.

4.      Key turner: If arthritis makes it hard to turn your keys in the ignition, you may think that you need to give up driving. A key turner can help. The car key is inserted into a plastic holder which makes the key easier to turn. Some key turners provide a larger surface area for turning, others include a handle. The cost depends on the model, but is usually less than $10.

5.      Gas cap wrench: This is another device designed to help those with arthritis or weakness in their hands. The gas cap wrench fits over hard-to-turn gas caps and has an easy-to-turn large handle. It costs about $20.

6.      Easy reach seat belt handle: Do you find it hard to reach behind you to grab the seat belt? Many elderly drivers simply give up on buckling up. This can leave them at risk of serious injuries in a Milwaukee car crash. Instead, consider a $10 investment in an easy reach seat belt handle. This plastic device fits over the existing seat belt, and provides an easy to reach handle. The driver simply pulls the handle to reach the shoulder strap.

7.      Panoramic rear-view mirror: If you have trouble buckling up, you may also have trouble checking your blind spots. A panoramic rear-view mirror increases your rear view and eliminates most blind spots.

8.      Wedge-shaped seat cushion: Need more height? A specially-designed wedge-shaped car seat cushion can make your ride more comfortable and help you see over the steering wheel. These are good for shorter drivers and those with osteoporosis or spinal injuries. The prices vary from $10 to $50.

If adaptations don’t help, it may be time to give up the keys. Ask your doctor, if you aren’t sure if you should continue to drive.

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