Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Wisconsin Wrongful Death Accidents and Recoveries

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  • What is the difference between a survival claim and wrongful death claim in Wisconsin?

    In Wisconsin survival claims are allowed when it can be proven that the deceased person suffered from conscious pain and suffering.  If so, medical expenses before death and loss of earning capacity before death can be awarded to any surviving family members or beneficiaries by way of the estate of the accident victim.  Many times a wrongful death attorney will enlist the help of an experienced probate attorney.

    Unlike the estate laws tied to survival claims, wrongful death claims are those that belong to family members of the deceased.  Common damages awarded in this type of claim include mental anguish and emotional loss over losing a loved one.  Loss of wages and loss of inheritance can also be factored into wrongful death claims.

    When your husband, wife, parent or child has died the thought of filing a wrongful death claim can be difficult.  You may feel guilt over any possible money awarded to you, and the newness of your loss can be overwhelming.  We know what you are going through, we have seen hundreds of people go through the emotionally trying first stages of filing a lawsuit. 

    With compassion and an eye on your future, the future of your children, we can lift your burden, allow you to begin to slowly come to terms with your loss. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact an experienced, compassionate wrongful death attorney at Hupy & Abraham for your free consultation. Together we can help you get through this.

  • What constitutes a wrongful death case in Wisconsin, Iowa, or Illinois?

    A wrongful death case is any death caused by the fault or negligence of someone else. This is true not only in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa but across the nation. If you believe that a sibling, parent, child, or spouse has died and someone's action, or inaction, caused the death, you may be able to bring a wrongful death suit against this person or business.

    A wrongful death case is about more than compensating you for your devastating loss; it's about ensuing that the guilty party is brought to justice, and that future accidents and deaths are avoided.

    The following list will give you an overview of the more common types of wrongful death cases:

    • Car or traffic accidents. Distracted and drunk drivers must be held accountable for their actions. These drivers cause thousands of injuries and deaths each year.
    • Medical error. Medical errors that can cause a death include a bad or dangerous drug, failure to diagnose medical conditions, and surgical errors. Mistakes made by doctors and other medical professionals can cost patients their lives.
    • Workplace injuries. On-the-job injuries can be serious enough to kill or disable a worker. If a foreman, manager, or business owner did not work to prevent an accident, a wrongful death claim can be filed.
    • Product liability. When a dangerous product injures or kills, there is a breach of trust on the part of the manufacturer. A wrongful death case of this type is very important, as the manufacturer must be prevented from causing further injury and death.

    When you are ready to speak with an attorney about the death of your loved one, please contact an attorney at Hupy and Abraham. We have the compassion and the experience to help you through this difficult time.