Commonly Asked Questions—and Answers—About Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Class Actions

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  • Is Actos the only diabetes drug linked to an increased risk of bladder cancer?

    In June 2011, the FDA issued a safety alert warning diabetes patients and their health care providers that the diabetes drug Actos could cause an increased risk of bladder cancer if used for more than one year. The safety warning was issued based on the results of a study that led some European countries to pull Actos from the markets. Subsequently, the finding was confirmed by another study published in the May 31, 2012 issue of the British Medical Journal.

    In August 2012, a new study conducted by researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that the risk is not just for Actos. Instead, researchers found an increased risk of developing bladder cancer for diabetes patients who took medication in the thiazolidinedione family as compared to diabetes patients who took other types of drugs. Medications in the thiazolidinedione family include both Actos and Avandia. 

    If you have diabetes and have bladder cancer, have had bladder cancer, or may be at increased risk of developing bladder cancer then it is important to talk to your doctor about your diabetes treatment options.

    Additionally, if you have developed bladder cancer while taking Actos, Avandia, or another diabetes drug then it is important to contact a Milwaukee class action lawyer for more information about your rights and potential recovery. You can reach an experienced Milwaukee class action attorney today at 1-800-800-5678 or 414-223-4800 for a free consultation.

  • I was hurt by a prescription drug. However, I’m sure others have suffered greater injuries than me. Should I still contact a Milwaukee pharmaceutical class action lawyer?

    While minor side effects that go away without medical treatment and without days lost from work are typically not injuries that are included in pharmaceutical class actions, there are many other types of injuries that may be included in class action lawsuits.

    Members of a “class” or group that files a lawsuit together against a pharmaceutical company or medical device manufacturer must suffer similar, though not identical, harms from the drug they used or medical device they received. If your Milwaukee class action lawsuit is successful, then you will recover damages that are proportionate to the harm that you suffered from the drug. Other members of the class will also receive recoveries that are proportionate to their injuries.

    Until you talk to a Milwaukee medical device lawyer, it can be difficult to understand whether your injury is one that is similar to that of other people for purposes of a class action lawsuit. Thus, if you have suffered any injury then it is important to contact an experienced Milwaukee class action attorney to learn more about the class filing the lawsuit and how you may fit into the class to get the recovery that you deserve in an affordable and efficient manner.

    For more information, please contact the experienced and empathetic lawyers at our Milwaukee class action law firm. We can be reached today at 1-800-800-5678 or 414-223-4800 for more information.

  • I have heard that some kinds of birth control pills have dangerous side effects. How can I tell if the birth control pill I am taking is safe?

    Most women can use many birth control pills safely. However, there are certain medical conditions that may increase the risk of serious side effects. These conditions include:

    • History of smoking, especially if over age 35.
    • Breast cancer.
    • Blood clotting disorders.
    • Stroke.
    • Heart problems, including heart attack, angina, and heart valve conditions.
    • Lupus.
    • Diabetes.
    • High blood pressure.
    • Kidney disease.
    • Liver disease.
    • Adrenal gland disease.

    If you have any of these conditions, speak to your doctor about the best method of birth control for you.

    Pills that contain drospirenone are different from other birth-control pills. Birth control pills that contain drospirenone include Yaz, Yasmin, Beyaz, Safyral, Syeda, Loryna, Ocella, and Zarah. These pills increase the potassium in the blood and have been linked gallbladder disease and pancreatitis. These pills may also increase a woman's chance of getting a blood clot by as much as 75 percent. Blood clots can cause stroke, heart attack and pulmonary embolism, which may result in permanent disability or death.

    If you are currently a birth control pill containing drospirenone, discuss the risks with your doctor. You may want to consider switching to a pill with fewer risks.

    If you have suffered a stroke or a pulmonary embolism while taking Yaz, Yasmin, or another birth control pill with drospirenone, a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer can tell you about your rights. Contact Hupy and Abraham at 800-800-5678.

  • Are there any active Avandia class action lawsuits in Wisconsin?

    Ever since the news broke that Avandia, a prescription drug used to manage the symptoms of diabetes, was causing heart attacks, those injured by the drug have been asking what they can do get compensated for their losses. 

    Though medical bills, loss of earning potential and pain and suffering can be part of a pharmaceutical class action lawsuit, there is more to be gained.  For too long big pharma has put profits over people.  They care more about making money then actually healing and treating their consumers.  They allow drugs and medical devices to stay on the market, even when it is clear that they are doing harm. 

    Avandia was causing heart attacks and other heart events as far back as 1999, yet the drug was left on the market, causing 83,000 heart attacks between 1999 and 2007.  Why?  How could this happen?  How can the pharmaceutical industry continue to cause harm?

    Class action lawsuits are often the only way to get big pharma to pay for their mistakes and, beyond that, take responsibility for their actions.

    If you have suffered a heart attack while taking Avandia contact your Milwaukee pharmaceutical class action lawyer at Hupy & Abraham for your free consultation.  One voice won't effect change.  But together we will be heard. 

  • I live in Wisconsin and my hip replacement has been recalled. Should I contact a lawyer?

    First, be sure to see your surgeon.  Even if you are not currently experiencing symptoms common to patients with defective hip joints, namely pain, discomfort or weakness in the joint, it is wise to have the hip checked.  Currently, many surgeons are advising their patients to be checked every year and to undergo re-replacement surgery only when there are symptoms present or evidence that the replacement is failing.

    After ensuring that you are not facing immediate danger, contact an experienced class action attorney.  A lawyer who specializes in dangerous drugs and defective medical devices will be able to help you determine if you are eligible to become part of a defective hip lawsuit.  

    If you have already undergone re-replacement surgery and the replaced part was one that was recently recalled, you have the right to join a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer.

    However, not all class action lawsuits are successful and not all win maximum compensation for those who file.  You need an aggressive, experienced team of attorneys will best represent you and the other claimants in the suit.  Hupy & Abraham are these attorneys.  We are dedicated to patients rights and have earned our reputation of fierce defenders of the wronged.  Contact your Wisconsin class action attorney today for your free consultation. 

    Though one voice may not make an impact, together we will be heard.            

  • I was prescribed Avandia and suffered a heart attack. Is there an attorney in Wisconsin who can help me?

    You are not alone.  Over 83,000 heart attacks have been linked to the use of the prescription diabetes drug Avandia.  If there have been concerns over the safety of Avandia as far back as 1999 why has it remained on the market for so long?  Many believe that greedy pharmaceutical executives attempt to cover up the danger of their drugs, knowing the financial repercussions of admitting fault and recalling their drug.   This immoral practice causes far too many injuries and deaths.  In Wisconsin and nationwide, too many are taking prescription drugs that do more harm than good.

    If you have taken Avandia, or a loved one has died of a heart attack while taking the drug, you may have the right to join a class action lawsuit.  Your experienced class action lawyer at Hupy & Abraham is ready to help you fight against the pharmaceutical companies, to get the compensation you deserve and let big pharma know that they cannot continue to do harm. 

  • I took the prescription diet drug Meridia and had a heart attack. Are there Wisconsin attorneys who represent those injured by the drug?

    The technical term for a lawyer who accepts bad drug or medical device clients is a pharmaceutical class action attorney.  The Milwaukee, Wis. attorneys at Hupy & Abraham do take class action cases of this type.  We strongly believe that big pharma does not do enough to protect the health and well being of those they are supposed to help.

    We are aggressive in our defense of patient rights and believe that too often drugs  meant to help actually harm.   The prescription diet drug Meridia is the latest example of this.  If you have suffered a heart attack while taking Meridia, you are not alone.  The New England Journal of Medicine recently released a study that  shows that the drug significantly increases the risk of non-fatal heart attack or stroke in some users of the drug.   The FDA will soon review the safety of Meridia.

    Though we are glad to see that the FDA is reviewing the safety of  Meridia, we know that users of the drug are still being harmed.   If you are taking Meridia, please speak with your doctor.  If you believe that Meridia caused a stroke or heart attack in you or a loved one, please contact an attorney at Hupy & Abraham today for your free consultation.